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National Access Point

Facilitate access to standardized, exchangeable and reusable transport data to transport-service providers for improved road and traffic management

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National Access Point Service

National Access Point (NAP) service is an open-access data portal that offers transport-related in a digital machine-readable format. The aim of this national platform is to centralize the access to all available datasets on passenger transport in Cyprus and a crucial step towards Intelligent Transport System (ITS), as per the Directive 2010/40/EU and supplementing Delegated Regulations










Information about traffic events in Cyprus and roadworks in progress

Intelligent Transport System Data

Current Access Status And Conditions

The CyNAP offers a variety of real-time data such as traffic congestion levels, vehicle speeds, public transport live feed etc.

Regulations And Restrictions

The CyNAP accommodates data related to regulations and restrictions (e.g., weight / length / width / height / speed restrictions etc.)


The CyNAP gives access to infrastructure data such as road network topology, recharging and refueling points and stations.

How we can help

We provide all necessary services within the scope of ITS, as well as information necessary for traffic control and management. In the first phase of development, Cyprus NAP is implemented as a data warehouse. It will be gradually enhanced to support metadata capabilities and provide discovery services for pre-processed data sets. The datasets originate from all possible parties in both the public and the private sector, and the data is accessible on a non-discriminatory basis, in a secure manner, as per the privacy regulations.

TN-ITS Cyprus

Provide a seamless exchange of information on changes in static road attributes for the deployment of ITS applications

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Open data

Organizations are used to create, manage, and publish collections of datasets. Users can have different roles within an organization, depending on their level of authorization to create, edit, and publish

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