Public Transport Static Data

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This dataset provides static information concerning the public transport in Cyprus operated by EMEL (Limassol), OSYPA (Pafos), OSEA (Famagusta), NPT (Nicosia) LPT (Larnaca), Intercity and Pame Express (Park and Ride). The information includes routes/lines bus stops, timetables and fare products.

Version 1.0
Language English
Author Aristotelis Savva
Author Email Aristotelis Savva
Maintainer Aristotelis Savva
Maintainer Email Aristotelis Savva
Frequency Up to every 3 months
Transport Mode
  • Bus
  • Long-distance coach
  • Shuttle bus
Network Coverage Regional roads
Intended Information Service
  • Trip plans
  • Trip plans, auxiliary information, availability check
  • Trip plan computation scheduled modes transport
Georeferencing Method Geocoordinates
Data Standard GTFS
Theme Transport
Mobility Theme
  • Static road network data
  • General information for trip-planning
  • Public transport scheduled transport
Applicable Legislation
  • Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926 – EU-wide multimodal travel information services (MMTIS)
  • ITS Directive (EU) 2010/40/EU